Voice communication

One of the major functions of a scalable local positioning system is voice communication.

Voice communication can be arranged:

  1. Between the personnel working indoors (mines, warehouses, manufactures, office buildings);
  2. Between the personnel and the system manager working indoors;
  3. Between the personnel working indoors and the personnel provided with the landline phones.

Voice communication can be implemented into a zonal/ accurate positioning by distributing Bluetooth headsets to the personnel.

Voice communication

Operational principles of the voice communication

A worker speaks into the headset that is connected to a zonal positioning or an accurate positioning tag. The tag transfers the service data, the data on its location and voice to an access point. The access point in its turn transfers these data to the server of the RealTrac local positioning system whence it is then delivered to the receiver of a voice message.

Voice communication is arranged with the following equipment:

  1. Voice communication module is installed into the access point and provides receiving and transferring of a voice signal to/from the tag to the server.
  2. Headset is a wireless device providing voice communication.

An additional expansion for the voice traffic operation is installed into the RealTrac 3.0 server. Thus, the RealTrac 3.0 functionality is expanded by adding voice communication settings, voice traffic processing and integration.

Also, integration between the voice communication of the RealTrac local positioning system and the PBX of the company is possible, in case a communication between the moving personnel indoors and the one working from the office via company’s local telephone network is required.



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