BASE TAG 200 is a part of a unified management information positioning system. Its main function is personnel or assets accurate localization within the area equipped with access points.

BASE TAG 200 is remarkable for its small size, light weight, simple and elegant design. These characteristics in conjunction with Ingress protection IP54 make BASE TAG 200 the best possible solution for the indoor use, for instance, in the offices, hospitals, warehouses, etc.


Parameter Value
Input voltage, V 4,2
Max input current, mA < 400
Bandwidth 868 MHz, 2,4 - 2,48 GHz
Radio standard IEEE 802.15.1, IEEE 802.15.4с, IEEE 802.15.4a
Signal encoding method GFSK, OQPSK
Channel capacity < 1 Mbps
Power transmitter Built-in
Antenna type 2,5 mW
Ingress Protection IP54
Mode Continuous
Dimensions, mm 85 х 48 х 15
Weight, kg 0,05
Temperature range, oС at the relative humidity, % from -5 to +50 oС when humidity 85%



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