The EXIA POINT 1000 is a multipurpose stationary device that provides data transmission between mobile devices (tags) and other access points over a radio channel. The EXIA POINT 1000 is a part of the local positioning system.

The EXIA POINT 1000 functionality includes localization of a mobile device that is a part of the RealTrac system within the coverage area and data transmission to the server.

Built-in expansion slots give an opportunity to link additional radio modules on the request. It significantly expands the functionality of the system, for instance, it can provide:

  • Full coverage of the premises area;
  • Voice communication over a digital interference-free channel;
  • Accurate positioning of assets instead of a zonal one;
  • Collection, processing and transferring of information received from third-party sensors.

The EXIA POINT 1000 is specially designed to withstand tough conditions of underground mining and meets all the explosion-protection requirements. Ingress Protection IP67 of the access point provides complete dust and sufficient water protection.

The installation process is very simple. The EXIA POINT 1000 with a predefined location (fixed in the database on the server of the system) is installed on the object (wall, ceiling, rod, etc.) and thus becomes a basic station for further localization of mobile devices.


Parameter Value
Input voltage, V 4,2
Max input current, mA < 400
Bandwidth 865 MHz, 2,4 GHz, 3,8 GHz
Radio standard IEEE 802.15.1, IEEE 802.15.4с, IEEE 802.15.4a
Signal encoding method GFSK, OQPSK
Channel capacity < 1 Mbps
Power transmitter ≤ 25 mW
Antenna type Built-in, external (Optional)
Ingress Protection IP67
Mode Continuous
Dimensions, mm 160 х 160 х 90
Weight, kg 1,25
Housing material Reinforced polyester
Сlass of protection PO Exia I Ma X



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