PROD TAG 401 is a mobile device to be embedded into underground lights. PROD TAG 401 is a part of a unified management information positioning system. Its main function is accurate personnel localization within restricted area.

PROD TAG 401 functionality is extended through:

  • Voice communication over a digital interference-free channel;
  • Remote lamp control;
  • Delivery of a confirmation signal through pressing a lamp button, if one is available;
  • Man-down detection.

The tag fully complies with current Intrinsic Safety Regulations and Requirements that apply to the industry. In addition to that, it has a communication interface with a lamp controller. It is worth mentioning that such implementation eliminates the necessity for obtaining numerous devices that, consequently, does not have an unwanted impact on the worker’s gear weight.


Parameter Value
Dimensions, mm 80 x 30
Ingress Protection IP 20
Gyroscope +
Function CallMeLight +
Wireless voice communication function +
Positioning type Precise

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