Monitoring the personnel location

Monitoring the personnel location

The major function of the RealTrac local positioning system is providing indoor/ outdoor and underground personnel positioning.

RealTrac system includes 4 object positioning technologies:

  • zone positioning;
  • precise positioning;
  • global positioning;
  • hybrid positioning.

These technologies enable personnel positioning in various conditions:

  • indoors;
  • outdoors;
  • underground

Monitoring the personnel location

What are the benefits of each technology?

Zone positioning – positioning with an accuracy up to the limited area. The personnel can be monitored within area equipped with RealTrac system anchors. This way you can know in which zone the required object is. For instance, in the warehouse № 1 or in the coalface № 2.

Precise positioning – by using 3 anchors this technology provides personnel positioning with an accuracy up to 1 meter. Within the area equipped with RealTrac system anchors, this technology provides precise personnel positioning. Due to this you can know the precise positioning of an employee within the premises.

Global positioning – personnel positioning by means of global satellite navigation system with accuracy up to 3-6 meters. However, this type of positioning is suitable only for open areas and requires signal from at least 3 satellites.

Hybrid positioning – personnel positioning by means of both precise positioning and global positioning with an accuracy up to 1-6 meters.

Personal portable tags (trackers) are used for positioning and depending on positioning type these trackers can operate from 24 hours to 2 years.

Many other capabilities of the system, such as access level control, working hours control, etc. are based on the positioning function.



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