Evacuation control in case of emergency

Evacuation control in case of emergency

Personnel positioning helps to control evacuation of the staff from the dangerous zone in case of emergency.

In case of emergency in a certain area the system manager can monitor the employees who are in this area. So, he/she can issue a warning to the personnel in a dangerous area and check if all of them have evacuated successfully.

If any employee does not leave the dangerous area or his/her tag does not move on a site plan, then help may be required. The system manager can deliver information on such a worker to other employees or to the emergency service. It helps to minimize the time spent on a search of people who should be evacuated. And it is extremely important when a dangerous situation or emergency spread fast.

Evacuation control in case of emergency

It all in general helps to minimize the number of major injuries or fatal outcomes among the personnel of your company in case of emergency.



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