Working hours control

The RealTrac local positioning system provides working hours control. It is implemented through geo-fencing on company’s sites.

Standard zones for working hours control:

  • Working area is a territory where an employee performs job duties: workshop, coalface, office, territory.
  • Recreation area is a leisure area: WC, dining room, smoking-room, recreational zones.
  • Entrance and exit areas are transit areas to working places: entrance control post, entrance to the building, gateway.

You can create as many geo-fences as needed and monitor employees entering there.

Integration with access control and video surveillance systems helps to detect an employee in a certain area even if he/she does not have his/her personal tag for whatever reason.

Working hours control

The RealTrac system itself and the equipment that is a part of the system help to monitor if an employee is carrying his/her personal tag or may have left it at the workplace.



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