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Georgy Morales, Chief Commercial Officer, RealTrac Technologies

George Morales

Chief Executive Officer

More than 10 years of experience in the promotion and sales of complex technical products. George executed a role of head of sales and product development department at one of the leading electro-mechanical products manufacturing company Diakont. These products were used at energy, machine building and automotive industries. There he was responsible for promotion and sales of innovative technical products to the markets of the USA, Europe and Asia.

Илья Шкарин, Менеджер по продажам, РеалТрак Технолоджис

Ilya Shkarin

Head of export sales

Experience in implementing projects and promoting technical solutions to the markets of various countries.
12 years of experience in large international companies in the field of sales of high-tech products, 6 years of them with the world's leading manufacturer of equipment and developer of solutions in the field of autonomous power supply of objects in the position of regional manager in the Russian Federation and Central Asia region.

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Mikhail Grebennikov

Senior Business Development Manager

Evgeny Afanasev, Chief Marketing Officer, RealTrac Technologies

Evgeny Afanasev

Chief Marketing Officer

Evgeny is a marketing leader with over 10 years of industry experience. More than 50 implemented projects.  Evgeny was involved in brand promotion of SKAUT and in Navitoring - one of the leading industry conference in transport telematics. 

Yana Kukushkina, Chief Financial Officer, RealTrac Technologies

Yana Kukushkina

Chief Financial Officer

Yana brings more than 20 years of financial administration experience, including over 10 years experience at large industrial facilities such as Lenpoligraphmash and Petrostal (sub-company of Kirovsky Zavod).

Board of management

Nikolay Sergeev, Board Chairman, RealTrac Technologies

Nikolay Sergeev

Board Chairman

Solid experience in anti-crisis management, private equity and operation administration of portfolio companies. Nikolai served in executive positions in Troika Capital Partners and Quadro Capital Partners.

Timur Poltorykhin, Member of the Board, RealTrac Technologies

Timur Poltorykhin

Member of the Board

More than 12 years of experience in project management. Was involved in Forex Club, Dentsu Aegis and A3F Group.  A former CEO of CIO of and Marketcall.



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