The implementation of the RealTrac local positioning system

The implementation of the RealTrac local positioning system

* - a production of necessary number of the equipment can be required in case of a large implementation of the local positioning system.

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What do we do?
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1. Gathering and assessment of the requirements

At this stage our personnel checks your requirements and the problems that our local positioning system should solve.
Thus, we can offer you the best possible solution focused on the specific goals of your business.

2. Observation of an object

At this stage our project team in cooperation with the specialists from your company make an in-depth observation of an object in order to develop a detailed project. We check the systems, the service conditions and availability of necessary engineering systems wherever the equipment should be installed to provide a correct functioning of the local positioning system.
Due to the high-quality observation of the object we can take into account all the peculiarities of your object and make a better use of already existing engineering systems at a development stage. If any difficulties with the engineering networks (electricity, local network) are revealed during this observation, then all the necessary modifications that can be done during the installation, will be reflected in the project.

3. Designing

The designing process for the future local positioning network will be launched as soon as we receive plans and schemes of your object. We consider the key locations of the equipment in order to provide the best possible required network coverage of the local positioning system inside the buildings and the surrounded area. This network coverage and the necessity to use only the required number of tags make it possible to focus on business tasks and to keep up with the project requirements.

4. Equipment manufacturing

We have the minimum-required supply of the equipment in stock to implement the system on an object for small and medium-sized businesses. The production of an additional number of the equipment can be required for the implementation of the system on a large object.
As our company is the manufacturer of the equipment, we can not only produce the necessary number of it, but also to introduce all the required technical modifications to the project. It ensures the most flexible and cost-effective task solutions.

5. Installation of the equipment and its integration with the existing systems

Our personnel in cooperation with the personnel from the partner company provide installation of the equipment on the object, so that the installation can be done simultaneously in different parts of this object . Our specialists will help your IT department to provide a full integration of the system with the existing systems of video surveillance, access control or any other systems which are used on your object. The help of our partners and integrators make the implementation of the local positioning system considerably faster. Integration with the existing systems ensures automatic data gathering in accounting and management information systems concerning the working processes of the employees, vehicles and the equipment. It helps to increase the quality level of business processes, to reduce expenses of your company and to improve working conditions for the employees.

6. Installation supervision; start-up works and training

The RTL Service specialists in cooperation with the specialists from the IT department of your company are equally engaged into the installation supervision and all the start-up works so that your workers can understand all the operational principles and provide an independent service for the system in future. Besides, we provide a specific training for the further server software administration and working with web interfaces. We also provide all the necessary instructions and guidelines for the standard actions regarding the software that is a part of the RealTrac local positioning system.
During the installation supervision our specialists provide a special training for the staff of your company or the contractor focused on the correct installation of access points. So, afterwards you can provide a full service for the system independently from our specialists. The provided training helps to get the most out of the local positioning system, that immediately reduces the expenses and helps to achieve ROI faster.

7. Commissioning and signing of the acceptance certificate

Our specialists check the compliance of the local positioning system with the corresponding project at the stage of commissioning. The specialists from your company should demonstrate all the required skills for the server administration, system service and working with web interfaces and reports. As a result, the acceptance certificate is signed.  As soon as the commissioning of the system is complete, your company gets an access to technical support and software updates.
Do you want to implement a "turnkey" local positioning system?

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