The RealTrac Collision Awareness System (hereinafter referred to as “The System”) is a product designed in order to provide: dangerous proximity detection; issuing warning to the driver and objects detected in such proximity; collision awareness between vehicles and personnel.


Its advantages include:

  • Minimum number of false alerts thanks to:
    • Precise positioning of objects around the car
    • Possibilities of flexible adjustment of detection zones both in size and shape (allows taking into account the peculiarities of the vehicle, the direction of its movement)
  • Full system autonomy:
    • Does not depend on the stability of power supply, satellite communication
    • It is especially important at remote sites, in deep quarries, etc.
  • Works equally well in open areas and indoors on the same devices
    • It allows using the system not only in open sites, but also in maintenance service areas, buildings etc.
  • Object detection both at close and far distances:
    • Through the use of technologies with different radio frequencies, the system not only accurately determines the direction and distance to nearby objects, but also sees objects at a distance of up to 200 meters
    • Objects are detected both in the line of sight and around the corner

Supported transport equipment of RealTrac Collision Awareness System

Supported personal tags

Supported vehicle tags



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