PROD TAG 710 – is a positioning tag placed on mobile objects or people. Using Global Navigation Satellite Systems, it provides precise positioning throughout a site. 

The tag is equipped with a panic button that allows immediate connection with operator.

A compact size, light weight, simple clean design and IP67 rate make PROD TAG 710 the best solution for onsite positioning systems.  

There is no need to deploy Wi-Fi or GSM based solutions, since now data from tag to RealTrac system is transmitted via LoRa technology. This is crucial for companies with vast sites when it is too expensive to deploy expensive data transmission systems.

The tag features an built-in battery with wireless charging that provides minimum 14 hours of power.

Specification Value
Positioning Zone, GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems): GPS, GLONASS
Backbone radio standard
LoRa transport, 860-940 MHz (UHF), ITU region 1: 868 MHz (Band 18)
Protection level IP67
Buttons #1: Panic,  #2: Configurable
Operating conditions -40 to +45°С, rH <85%
Storage conditions -10 to +60°С, rH <70%, non-condensing
Dimensions 126 х 79 х 20 mm3
Weight, g 170 grams
Charger Contact-less, Qi
Battery life > 14 hrs
Time to full charge < 6 hrs

Supported base stations with LoRa technology:

Kerlink Wirnet iFemtoCell

Kerlink Wirnet iBTS

Vega BS-2.2



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