The RealTrac system provides object positioning, voice communication, data transmission for safe and efficient business.


RealTrac local positioning system by RTLS is a multipurpose and versatile solution that is designed for localization and tracking people and objects outdoors and indoors, gathering statistics on movements, providing digital communication and data transmission.

"New scalable local positioning RealTrac 3.0 system is the example that will guide our competitors on both domestic and international markets."

Timur Poltorykhin, “The RTL Service” Group CEO

Industry solutions

Scalable Positioning, Safety, and Communication System for Underground Mining

Underground Mining

RealTrac local positioning and communication system complies with current State Safety Regulations and delivers sufficient accuracy for underground positioning. Moreover, the system is complemented with voice communication over a digital interference-free channel.

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Система безопасности RealTrac "Карьер": Позиционирование горнорабочих на карьере и разрезе

Open Cast Mining

Collison avoidance, personnel and vehicle  positioning, voice communication and data transmitting for open cast mining.

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Система безопасности RealTrac "Производство": Позиционирование персонала на ГОК и производстве

Manufacturing and Process Industries

The system is a recent solution that enhances efficiency of modern manufactures and industries at all stages of production. Local positioning system RealTrac is produced in order to make the analysis of the personnel, equipment and vehicles movement, as well as to detect bottlenecks entailing failures, malfunctions and downtime and, as a result, disruptions of the product delivery schedule.

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Scalable indoor positioning and communication system for logistics

Logistics centers and warehouses

Local positioning system provides analysis of personnel, cargo or transport relocations within the logistics center; detects bottlenecks and fixes them whether they are caused by time wasting or inappropriate use of the equipment.

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Scalable indoor positioning and communication system for medical centers, hospitals and clinics

Hospitals and healthcare centers

Personnel, visitors, doctors positioning within the premises of a healthcare institution, hospital or outpatient clinic. Prompt equipment localization, monitoring the visitors and access control of doctors and staff.

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Customized solution based on the RealTrac system

Custom development

Solution development based on the RealTrac system focused on the needs of your company.

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Lean Manufacturing: Basics and Outcome

The concept of Lean Manufacturing is based on the ideas of Toyota car manufacturing system. The key principles of lean manufacturing are reduction of all costs, optimization of production; involving employees in the process of enhancing enterprise efficiency. Virtually, implementation of lean manufacturing can boost labor productivity by up to 400% during the first year. Using even one of its principles can increase the efficiency of the enterprise by 30-50%.

RTL Service Releases a New Version of RealTrac Security System

In the new version of RealTrac, our team has implemented a number of significant changes, including innovative ones.

Among them: 3D positioning, a single interface for displaying positioning within the premises and in open areas, SCADA logic and a new report designer.
RTL Service takes part in the project AutoNet 2.0
The corresponding agreement was signed with the AutoNet working group. This cooperation will allow RTL Service to offer their own solutions in the areas of precise location positioning, Internet of things, voice communication and collision avoidance for AutoNet 2.0.



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