Application Programming Interface (API) in the RealTrac system

The RealTrac system supports API for such communication protocols as RTLSCP and RTLSCP.Ext. The protocols operate over HTTP and may provide data gathering and handle basic request-response operations in JSON/KML/PNG within the RealTrac system. As a result, the protocol is fully cross-platform and does not impose any restrictions upon client software platform.

RTLSCP provides such basic operations as: listing mobile and stationary devices; receiving information about device status (Online/Offline, etc.), the location of mobile devices, the configuration of the premises, etc. Besides, the RealTrac server operation can be controlled with protocol commands. For instance, it can specify the coordinates of access points or the period of “I’m alive” cycle; change the parameters of location algorithms; edit configuration of the premises, of the device labels or telephone numbers connected to mobile nodes, etc.

The RTLSCP protocol provides basic functionality for the RealTrac system. The application-oriented functionality that expands the basic one (various reports, persistent data structure and history processing, etc.) is available within the RTLSCP.Ext protocol realized at the external application server layer which basic version is delivered in addition to the RealTrac server. Furthermore, the application server performs as a caching proxy.

The RealTrac server has a built-in system of DIF documentation. The complete list of available resources can be received from the root URL server with an HTTP OPTIONS request method. The DIF for each specific resource can be received from its URL with OPTIONS request. Data input/output format block and alias list will be sent in response to the request.

The RTLSCP protocol is divided into three subsets:

  • RTLSCP REST API (synchronous resources);
  • RTLSCP WebSocket API (data streaming);
  • RTLSCP Asynchronous API (asynchronous commands).

It is worth mentioning that the current version of the RealTrac server can be operated over both HTTP and HTTPS with one- or two-way authentication that protects the data being transferred in the network.

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