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Demo Kit of the RealTrac system

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For demonstration of the RealTrac system, the demo kits are as follows:

  1. RealTrac Positioning System

  2. RealTrac Collision Awareness System

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Demo Kit: RealTrac Positioning

Enables to install the system for zonal, precise, global and hybrid positioning on the territory of a company.


  • Zonal Positioning personal tag  BASE TAG 100

  • Precise Positioning personal tag PROD TAG 210

  • Hybrid Positioning personal tag PROD TAG 710

  • Hybrid Positioning personal tag PROD TAG 720

  • Access points PROD POINT 510

  • Access points PROD POINT 515

  • Wi-Fi access point

  • Network commutator with POE support

  • RealTrac server

  • Wiring

Demo kit: RealTrac Collision Awareness

Enables to install the Collision Awareness System on one vehicle.


  • Vehicle beacon units PROD CAS 1500 VBU

  • Vehicle control unit PROD CAS 1500 VCU

  • Vehicle operator display PROD CAS 1500 VOD

  • Tag with installed collision awareness system PROD TAG 210

  • Wiring– 5 units

All the demo kits are fully functional and have maximum capability set that the RealTrac system can provide.

Demo kit equipment is for demonstration only, not for sale.



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