New Year greetings: results of 2016 and plans for 2017


The "RTL Service" Group sums up the results of the year 2016 and announces its new products and plans for the next 2017.

The release of the RealTrac 3.0 real time location system has become the key event of 2016 for the "RTL Service" Group. In the framework of the system development we have rejected outdated technologies and have created a brand-new product that combines a built-up type of configuration and cutting-edge technology of positioning, voice and data transmissions.

Our new video shows the key features and the effect from the use of the RealTrac 3.0 system.

Besides, we released a new solution for open cast mining in 2016. The solution makes the creation of a hybrid local positioning system possible. Such system will combine both positioning indoors and in large open areas. 

RealTrac dispatch software interface for open pits

The "RTL Service" Group took part in several official events where Timur Poltorykhin, the COO, spoke about the existing local positioning systems and revealed their advantages and disadvantages. New partnership agreements were also signed this year.

What are our plans for the next 2017 year?

First and foremost, we are focused on the development of hybrid component of the RealTrac system for the use indoors and outdoors. This will save you from numerous systems and thus will let you reduce implementation and operation costs.

Second, we are finishing testing a GPS tracker in a pilot project this January already and we will be happy to introduce you a complete solution based on it.

And, of course, we will continue to develop the analytical and report parts of the system in order to meet all your needs and requirements and to make your industries safer and more efficient!

In the new year we want to wish our customers and partners to be more successful, technologically advanced and effective, and the profit will grow regardless of all economic challenges.

Happy 2017 New Year!

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