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RealTrac International sales RTLS local positioning system – RealTrac, and promotes solutions based on it, providing voice communication and data transmission, positioning, localization and tracking the people, equipment and other objects within the predefined areas in real time.

Implemented business analysis module of the system helps not only to track objects but also to complete additional business tasks, such as, improving the work efficiency, optimization of business processes, and many others.

RealTrac Local Partner Program

The company offers its partners to participate in the RealTrac Local Partner Program. Participants of the program are specialized companies that have a solid background of contemporary methods and experience in integration projects development:

  • System integrators in the information technology industry, arms industry, mass communications;
  • Providers of platform solutions;
  • Network, computer and peripheral equipment distributors;
  • Suppliers of agricultural, construction, machinery and production equipment;
  • Integrators of video surveillance and security systems;
  • Distributors of storage equipment;
  • Software companies;
  • Service and engineering companies.

We offer the participants of the RealTrac Local Partner Program:

  • To expand the range of the products thanks to the modern technological solution RealTrac – Real Time Location System;
  • To increase their customer bases due to the potential customers of the RealTrac;
  • To enjoy profit from selling parts of the RealTrac system: hardware, client and server software;
  • To enjoy profit from selling server and network equipment;
  • To enjoy profit from installation and commissioning works;
  • To enjoy profit from additional services: solution customization, consulting, training, customer service, Tier 1 technical support.

Standards and integration

  • Compliance with international standards: IEEE 802.15.4 a, ISO 24730-1;
  • Universal networking protocol for interaction with remote API RTLSCP – (RTLS Communication Protocol): ERP, WMS, 1C, CCTV (video surveillance), GIS, access control systems;
  • Support of open standard KML: Google.Maps / Earth, Yandex.Maps, OSM.

Key terms of the RealTrac Local Partner Program

We have several status levels for our partners, depending on the sales of the RealTrac system. Each level implies a certain amount of interaction and support from our company.

Advantages of the RealTrac Local Partner Program:

  • Affiliate commission;
  • We supply you with all the necessary advertising materials to attract customers;
  • You are provided witht a modern and competitive solution at an established common price of The "RTL Service" Group for all the partners. You get the opportunity to impement individual technical solutions and enclosures;
  • You will be able to adapt all the system and software components to the unique needs of the customer.


The RealTrac Local Partner Program involves training covering the latest RealTrac solutions and architecture. RealTrac International gives lectures and seminars about the RealTrac solutions for system engineers, project managers and sales managers on a regular basis. Your specialists will get the expertise on working with the RTLS solutions, providing additional services for your clients and, thus, receiving additional profit.

The training is given by the specialists of the RealTrac International, who have extensive experience in technologies of wireless positioning, wireless sensor networks, RTLS, UWB, RFID, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, and implementing high performance solutions.

According to the results of training, you will receive certificates of completion.


Some of our partners are developing their own specialized branded solutions based on the RealTrac platform for a required application. For example, integration with remote IT-systems, customized interface, additional analysis modules, specialized enclosure solutions, etc. Such partners obtain the certification of the special Master level, which confirms the high qualification level of the partner. Partners with the Master status gain a broad package of benefits and discounts.

Become a registered exclusive partner of the RealTrac International.

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The application form for the affiliate program


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