Monitoring the personnel location

The major function of the RealTrac local positioning system is personnel positioning indoors, outdoors and under the ground – wherever the use of global navigation satellite systems or data transmission via GSM network is impossible.

The system can provide RTLS positioning:

  • Indoors;
  • Outdoors;
  • Under the ground.

Monitoring the personnel location

There are 2 types of object positioning in the RealTrac system:

Zonal positioning provides object positioning with an accuracy of up to the limited area. Thus, you can know in what zone the required object is. For instance, in the warehouse № 1 or in the coalface № 2.

Accurate positioning provides object positioning with an accuracy of up to 10-20 cm. It helps to know the exact location of the object.

The following equipment is required in order to provide personnel positioning:

  • Zonal positioning tag;
  • Accurate positioning tag.

Many other functions of the system, such as access level control, working hours control, etc., are based on the personnel positioning.



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