Proximity detection system (PDS) and collision avoidance system (CAS)

Labor accidents, including collisions of vehicles and workers happen in underground mining, open pits, warehouses and manufactures.

These accidents may be caused by:

  • Staff’s negligence and lack of concentration;
  • Violation of safety regulation requirements;
  • Noise that prevents issuing an alarm signal.

Compliance with the Safety Regulations is one of the most crucial issues for any company since it influences the efficiency level and can be assessed by supervisory authorities that can lead to significant financial losses, expenses and fines.

Proximity detection (PDS) and collision avoidance system (CAS)

The RealTrac back-up local positioning system has an additional function of collision awareness and issuing a warning about dangerous proximity between people working on the object.

Tasks solved by the RealTrac system:

  • Dangerous proximity is detected;
  • A vehicle driver receives a warning of a dangerous proximity to a person;
  • A worker also receives a warning of a dangerous proximity to a vehicle.

The personnel is supplied with personal tags that help to localize them on the object. Thanks to vehicle tags and antennas, each vehicle has three zones of  a dangerous proximity detection.

Caution zone

Danger zone

Accident zone

Is designed in order to detect a dangerous proximity and helps to attract personnel’s attention to it.

Is designed in order to detect an extremely dangerous (below a minimum authorized value) proximity level between a vehicle and a person.

Generates alarm signal in case of emergency or extreme dangerous proximity, can stop vehicles or equipment.

  • Light indication
    • Dashboard indication in a vehicle
    • LED signal on a personal tag
  • Sound indication
    • Repeating audio signal inside the cab
  • Vibration
    • Discrete vibration on a tag

  • Light indication
    • Dashboard indication in a vehicle
    • LED signal on a personal tag
    • Strobe light on the outside of a vehicle
    • Blinking yellow marker lights on a vehicle
  • Sound indication
    • Frequently repeating audio signal inside a vehicle
  • Vibration
    • Repeating vibration on a tag

  • Light indication
    • Emergency strobe lights on a vehicle
    • LED light on a personal tag
  • Sound indication
    • Car siren
    • Car horn
  • Vibration
    • Continuous vibration on a personal tag

The system functions independently and doesn't require any connection to the positioning system or the Internet. It ensures that the system will detect dangerous proximity to the equipment and then will deliver the notification unconditionally.

Also the system detects dangerous proximity of two vehicles or any other equipment that helps to prevent collision and to avoid considerable repair expenses.



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