PROD TAG 210 portable is part of the RealTrac Positioning information management system. The device provides precise and zone positioning of personnel within the monitored area.

Portable, pocket-sized, lightweight, IP 67 dust and damp protection and color display make PROD TAG 210 an optimal and reasonable solution for being part of the personnel indoor positioning system.

The key feature of the tag is the display and 2 buttons for sending notifications to dispatcher or operator. This enables alarm reporting and informing about the start and completion of specific operations.


Application area:

  • industrial enterprises;

  • office buildings and premises;

  • construction sites;

  • logistic centers and seaports;

The device encompasses 3 positioning technologies at the same time: UHF, BLE and UWB. Application of the UWB technology enables positioning of personnel equipped with portable tags for precise positioning with submeter accuracy. Application of UHF and BLE enables zone positioning of an object within the premises and in the surrounding area.

This optimizes production and business processes while monitoring the location and time spent in specific zones.

The personal tag supports the work in the RealTrac Collision Avoidance System.

The wireless charger makes the tag even more efficient.

Demonstration of work




Positioning type

Zone, Precise, CAS

Power supply

Up to 5 V

Radio standard

IEEE 802.15.1, IEEE 802.15.4с

Transmission power

Up to 2,5 mV


Built-in (UHF, BLE, UWB) 

Operation Mode



#1: Attention #2: Configurable

Principle materials


Ingress Protection

IP 67

Operating Temperature Range, 0С

with relative air humidity, %

From -20 to +45 °С, with humidity up to 85%

Working time in the positioning system, h up to 150
Working time in the collision avoidance system, h up to 230

Dimensions, mm

90 х 44,2 х 15,7

Weight, kg


Supported transport equipment of RealTrac Anti-Collision system

  • PROD CAS 1000

  • PROD CAS 1500



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